What are the advantages of automatic dispensing machine compared to manual dispensing machine

Now more and more enterprises choose to use automatic dispensing machine for dispensing production, traditional manual dispensing has gradually been replaced by automatic dispensing machine. Automatic dispensing machine will appear because it has some advantages that can not be replaced by manual dispensing, below with new technical intelligence to understand in detail.


Advantages of automatic dispensing machine compared to manual dispensing:

1, high productivity

Because manual glue dispensing machine needs manual operation, human factors will appear in the dispensing process, resulting in low efficiency of dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine is fully automatic control, can work 24 hours. Can avoid the effect of man-made factors on production, achieve rapid dispensing, improve production efficiency.


2. Good quality of dispensing

In the quality of product dispensing, the manual dispensing machine often appears abnormal dispensing, which has a serious impact on the quality of the product. The rework rate of the product dispensing is very high. The automatic dispensing machine is completely controlled by the automatic program, and all kinds of instructions are realized by sensors. Product dispensing stability, but also can achieve manual dispensing can not complete some difficult dispensing process.

3, low production cost

The advantage of automatic dispensing machine is also reflected in the production cost, automatic dispensing machine can automatically operate, one machine can replace multiple manual operations, reduce the labor pressure of employees, but also reduce labor costs. Overall for the enterprise to reduce a lot of production costs. Thus, automatic dispensing machine is widely used in many industries. Compared with manual dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine has three advantages, such as fast production efficiency, good quality of dispensing machine and low production cost, which can meet the production requirements of modern enterprises and bring better benefits to enterprises, thus replacing the traditional manual dispensing method. Widely used in various industries.


Post time: May-16-2019