Two operating rules of automatic dispenser

The automatic dispenser uses high-pressure air to set the time of the dispenser, or uses a foot switch to control the liquid contained in the syringe with a syringe piston. The dispenser can be adjusted manually and semi-automatically. Adopt high-precision digital timing controller to accurately control the time of each dispensing, accurate to milliseconds, and properly control the liquid flow, and never waste liquid. As long as the air pressure is adjusted, the time and the appropriate needle are selected, it can be easily changed Dispensing volume and time each time. Dispenser can solve many dispensing problems, simple to use, fast and easy to use, and equipped with a vacuum suction function, which can control different viscosity liquids to prevent dripping.

There are two ways to operate the automatic dispenser:
(A) automatic operation (for quantitative, non-timed dispensing)
Set the dispenser switch to the auto position.
You can control the correct flow of liquid by adjusting the air pressure and the amount of glue.
Each time you press the foot switch, the liquid will automatically drip out of the needle tip hole according to the set amount of glue.
(B) manual (for non-quantitative, non-timed dispensing)
Set the automatic dispenser switch to the manual position.
Adjust the air pressure and select the appropriate needle.

Post time: Mar-02-2020