Trademark how to drop glue more efficiently _ glue dripping machine

In trademark coloring technology, trademark dispensing machine is essential, because some trademarks are special, made of special materials, so generally other dispensing equipment can not produce or drop glue, and can not reach the dispensing process of merchants. Therefore, most of the trademark paint dispensing operation is trademark dispensing machine, the use of advanced visual control system and glue valve suitable for glue dispensing task.



Automatic glue dispensing machine for badges

Trademark distributor needs to face a variety of glue distribution

Trademark distribution technology is a good test of distribution equipment. When distributing badges, there are many types of trademarks, such as silver, copper, stainless steel, iron, etc. These are metals and nonferrous materials. Metal-based plastics, such as acrylic plexiglass PVC soft rubber, when marking plexiglass materials must use good quality glue, otherwise it will be gently scraped off the paint on the badge, or excessive friction may also lead to paint shedding, Therefore, trademark allocator is not the main reason.



Trademark dispensing machine dispensing adjustment

Be sure to fine-tune and pay attention to the location of the emblem when painting with a trademark dispensing machine. Otherwise, the badge will be misplaced and cause unnecessary damage. During the drawing process, you can use the allocator to use it yourself. Screen intuitively understand the effect of paint, such as paint misalignment, large paint flow, can stop urgently, quickly stop paint, and continue to allocate after debugging.



Importance of distributing cleaning equipment

After the assignment is complete, maintain and clean the trademark distributor. Check the sensitivity of each shaft and use the computer debugging function of the distributor. After debugging, check each axis to see if the y axis drops. If the paint is cleaned to ensure the hygiene of the trademark distributor.

Post time: May-16-2019