Selection of pcb coating Machine

Selection of pcb coating Machine

Integrated circuits are generally an indispensable accessory in a variety of high-tech equipment. There are countless transistors and components in the integrated circuits, which can choose PCB coating machine for packaging work, which is because the transistors are very weak. After packaging by PCB gluing machine, the integrated circuit can be sealed and glued.

PCB coating process

PCB coating machine is widely used in the production of PCB board. Because the components packaged by the general mobile phone PCB board are very small, if the operation error will lead to the normal operation of the mobile phone, there are many transistor components on the PCB board of the mobile phone. These transistors need to rectifier the circuit, in the process of rectification will affect the quality of printed circuit board packaging, heating means the need for heat dissipation, then if the wrong glue packaging will be harmful to it.


High Precision PCB coating Machine helps Enterprises reduce cost and improve efficiency

the effect of the silica gel is selected when the glue coating machine is operated on the IC encapsulation on the PCB, the thermal conductivity of the silica gel is good, the IC glue dispenser and the PCB glue spreader and the like are all applicable to the packaging, the packaging is not harmful to the normal operation of the PCB board, the size of one ic is generally 1 * 2 * 0.3 cm, The invention has the advantages that the precision of the PCB glue coating machine is detected, the time division, the requirement cooperation thimble type point glue valve and the stainless steel glue dispensing needle are used for packaging the PCB, the thimble valve is characterized in that the micrometer is provided with an adjustable micrometer, the flow rate of the glue is adjusted by a micrometer, errors are not generated in the place where the flow rate is, After the sealing, the printed circuit board of the glue spreader shall be air-dried in a timely manner, and other errors shall be prevented.


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