The difference between automatic Gumming Machine and hand Gumming Machine

Manual glue dispensing machine is a semi-automatic glue dispensing machine, lack of mechanical movement part, can only manual hand-held glue head, on the desired dispensing products for dispensing operation. Due to the lack of mechanical sports scores, the equipment in terms of operational efficiency has decreased a lot. The manual glue-dispensing machine has two parts: the controller and the needle barrel. It is suitable for many kinds and irregular products of dispensing products, and is not suitable for batch production. Automatic dispensing machines have a wide impact in the industry. In industrial production, dispensing is needed in many places, such as integrated circuits, semiconductor packaging, printed circuit boards, color LCD screens, electronic components (such as relays, loudspeakers), electronic components, automotive components, and so on. Traditional dispensing is achieved by manual operation by workers. With the rapid development of automation technology, manual dispensing can not meet the requirements of industry. Manual dispensing has many disadvantages, such as complicated operation, slow speed, low accuracy, error prone, and unable to operate complex graphics, and also can not realize the automation of production. The market requires a high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision equipment. As a result, a fully automatic dispensing robot appears. In science and technology is the first productivity today, the appearance of automatic dispensing robot brings unprecedented opportunities and development for the dispensing industry. In order to communicate with the dispensing robot simply and conveniently, to convey the idea to the robot, to make the robot move according to the human will and the requirements of the dispensing technology, a teaching programmer system has been invented. This teaching programmer can easily control the dispensing robot, send a variety of motion commands, and execute a variety of graphics dispensing. Automatic dispensing machine and manual dispensing machine difference one, automatic dispensing machine: the main application to provide users with accurate, rapid and stable dispensing quality, so that the dispensing process can be mechanical instead of manpower, to reduce the cost of customers, the automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine and manual dispensing machine. Automation equipment to improve quality. Second, manual glue dispensing machine: mainly used in a small number of production and a variety of products, can be used in manual operation, can accurately control the glue time, with appropriate pressure adjustment, can be immediately dispensing.

Post time: Apr-24-2019