Automatic visual dispensing machine

1. Working principle: compressed air is fed into the plastic bottle (syringe), and the glue is pressed into the feed tube connected to the piston chamber, where the temperature is controlled to achieve the best consistent stickiness. Using a ball seat structure, the glue fills the void caused by the ball retraction from the seat. When the ball comes back, due to the accelerated force to disconnect the glue flow, it is ejected from the drip needle, dripping onto the plate to form a glue spot. Automatic visual led dispensing machine features 1 the Hawk Eye intelligent full-point identification and positioning system, no fixture, products can be placed at will dispensing;

2 the imported precision dispensing system is adopted to ensure that the machine can spot the commonly used glue (epoxy series and silica gel series) in the market at present, and can control the amount of glue evenly.

3. the design of a fully intelligent machine table and the adoption of a double dispensing table can realize continuous circulation of continuous dispensing and easy operation of multiple machines by one person, in order to reduce the manpower cost and improve the production efficiency;

4 adopt windows Chinese language operation interface, the operation is convenient, the interface is friendly. The products are versatile and suitable for all SMD LED and high power LED;

5. triaxial motion platforms, using high-quality mechanical parts and electrical parts from Germany and Japan to maintain long-term stability, precision and durability of the machine. With a high-precision mechanical design and smooth marble platform to show the outstanding performance of the machine.

6.adopting stable constant pressure system and high precision constant temperature system, so that the machine can keep consistency and stability of glue quantity under the continuous and long working environment;

Post time: Apr-24-2019