Application of Visual Positioning in automatic Gumming Machine

Due to the tendency of lightweight electronic consumer products, electronic components are becoming smaller and smaller, and the size of electronic components has been very common around 1mm. The gap between the components on the circuit board is also getting closer and closer. The traditional dispensing machine has been unable to locate accurately by manual teaching programming with naked eye. Using CCD imaging technology, the product can be magnified 30 times 50 times on the computer screen, stop precise positioning programming to meet the customer’s consumption requirements. Using CCD of different pixels, different magnification of lens, and combination of various light sources, it can complete very accurate positioning precision and adapt to the individual error of the product by programming at the same time. The factors that affect the impact of clicks are usually the size of the amount of glue, the pressure of dispensing, the size of the needle, the spacing between the needle and the working face, the viscosity of the glue, the glue temperature, the curing temperature curve, the bubbles in the glue, the fluid that needs a special setting, and so on. The following introduction, I hope to assist in the first point of the amount of glue usually think the size of the point diameter should be half the size of the product spacing, so that there is sufficient glue to bond the assembly and prevent excessive glue. The amount of dispensing is determined by the length of time. In practice, the dispensing time should be selected according to the temperature and the characteristics of glue. Secondly, dispensing pressure, usually too large pressure easy to form glue overflow, too much glue; If the pressure is too low, the dispensing will appear intermittent and leak point, which will lead to the defect of the product. Therefore, the demand will stop conditioning according to the environmental temperature and glue viscosity and other factors. Moreover, the needle head of automatic dispensing machine usually needs to select the needle whose inner diameter is about 1 / 2 of the diameter of the dispensing point. In the process of dispensing, the needle should be selected according to the size of the product. In addition, there is a gap between the needle head and the working face, different dispensing machines adopt different needles, and some needles have a certain degree of stopping, so that the spacing between the needles and the working face should be calibrated before the beginning of each work, so that the gap between the needles and the working face should be calibrated before each start of the work. Z axis height calibration. The viscosity of glue has a direct effect on the quality of dispensing, and if the viscosity is large, the glue will be smaller and even drawing, and if the viscosity is small, the glue will become larger, and the adhesive temperature should be from 23 ℃ to 25 ℃. The influence of ambient temperature on the viscosity of glue increases with the decrease of temperature, and the flow rate of glue decreases accordingly, which makes it easier to show the phenomenon of wire drawing. The curve of curing temperature of glue has been given by consumers. In practice, higher temperature should be used to solidify the adhesive, so that the adhesive has sufficient strength after curing. In addition, glue must not have bubbles. A small bubble will form many products without glue. Every time you change the hose, you should empty the air at the junction to avoid a blow-off phenomenon.

Post time: Apr-24-2019