How to distinguish the good and bad of the full-automatic glue dispenser

The working efficiency of the automatic dispensing machine has a great influence on many electronic components, not only on the durability of the hardware facilities of the electronic equipment, but also on the running stability of its software system. Therefore, in the production and manufacture of electronic components, it is extremely important to choose a high quality automatic dispensing machine. Below, the new technology intelligent device gives you a brief introduction to how to distinguish and select the quality and performance of the fully automatic dispensing machine.


1. Confirm the function of the root bottom parameter of the full-automatic glue dispenser. in general, the function and the application condition of the full-automatic glue dispenser will be directly expressed in the parameter condition of each root base, such as the amount of the glue, the dispensing frequency, the power and energy consumption of the device and the size of the noise decibel, which can be controlled by the full-automatic glue dispenser, The heating rate and the heat dissipation condition of the internal motor, and the like. The full-automatic glue dispenser with reliable quality is generally small in noise, fast in frequency, low in energy consumption, low in heat generation degree of the motor and excellent in heat dissipation system.

2, the raw material and the appearance of the full-automatic glue dispenser are used for distinguishing. the quality of the full-automatic glue dispenser also can be visually distinguished from the fine condition of the raw material and the work of the full-automatic glue dispenser, the high-quality and durable grade material adopted by the full-automatic glue dispenser with high quality and good promise is used for manufacturing the shell, The raw material also has excellent compression resistance and anti-oxidation aging new energy, and has the characteristics of no rust.

3. Check the market occupation and user evaluation. Fully automatic dispensing machine with reliable function is easily recognized by consumers in the shopping mall, becoming one of the most powerful dispensing equipment in the industry at present. It is an indispensable equipment supplier for many electronic manufacturers. Therefore, distinguishing whether or not the full-automatic dispensing machine can be checked for the amount of the shopping mall, and understanding the information about the service enthusiasm of the manufacturer of the full-automatic dispensing machine on the stability and after-sales quality of the products, and confirming which cheap and reliable.

The new technology intelligent glue dispenser is suitable for mobile phone, computer shell, optical disk drive, printer, ink clip, PC board, LCD, LED, DVD, digital camera, switch, connector, relay, heat sink, semiconductor and other electronic industry, clock, toy industry, medical device, etc. The invention has the advantages of fast equipment running, glue discharging, glue breaking, no dripping glue and the like, the production efficiency of the enterprise is greatly improved, and the cost is saved for enterprises.


Post time: Aug-27-2019