Hot melt glue dispenser operation of 5 key points for attention.

5 key considerations for hot melt glue dispenser operation:

Note 1: Do not expose the skin to the outside

The hot-melt adhesive dispenser can generate a high voltage around the power-on, so when the power of the hot-melt glue dispenser is on, do not contact the exposed skin to the wiring of the hot-melt glue dispenser and the circuit board, so as to avoid high-pressure injury.

Note 2: The protective panel of the hot-melt glue dispenser should not be disassembled at will

If it is really necessary to remove the protective panel of the hot melt glue machine under special circumstances, it should be operated under the condition of disconnection of the power supply, let alone touch the equipment with the wet hand, so as not to cause the danger of electric shock!

Note 3: it is important to choose a reliable grounding line

When installing hot melt glue point glue machine, we should choose reliable ground wire to prevent the danger of electric shock in rainy and lightning weather, but also in order to better ensure the safety of production of enterprises!

Note 4: Be sure to select a three-phase air switch with good quality

In order to ensure the power and temperature of the hot melting point rubber machine, it is very important to configure a good quality three-phase air switch, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise!

Note 5: The hot melt adhesive dispenser is far from the area with water

In order to prevent electric shock, ensure the safe operation of our machine, do not place the hot melt glue dispenser in the place where there is water!

To sum up, the above summary is about 5 key precautions for the operation of the hot melt glue dispenser. In order to effectively guarantee our production and personal safety, we must look carefully before the operation. If you are in the process of operating the hot melt glue dispenser, you can consult with one of our technicians!

Post time: Oct-16-2019