Gluing Scheme of Automobile igniting Coil

The glue of ignition coil is a key step in automobile manufacturing industry, and this sealing process affects the safety of automobile. It is necessary to choose a better quality double liquid glue machine to deal with the glue process of ignition coil, and it is necessary to follow the glue. Industry structure characteristics, technical standards and other field standards, in order to meet the applicable ignition coil glue key technical standards.

glue ignition coil

The manufacturer of our dispensing machine has made a double liquid gluing machine for an ignition coil rubber machine for a manufacturer of automotive spare parts, which is based on the use of two-component epoxy adhesive and is suitable for a variety of mixing ratios. Can carry on the diversification glue filling process request, the double liquid filling technology has already reached the industry mature level, the collocation glue filling valve is not easy to appear the glue blocking or the overflow phenomenon, may be more suitable for the product production request, The production effect is much higher than that of the usual kind of dispensing machine.


Double liquid filling process

The double liquid filling process is not the core process that the ordinary key products can meet, the general dispensing glue can not meet the standard of glue filling, and the ignition coil filling is higher than the quality standard, and the corresponding double liquid filling process should be selected to realize the glue filling. Only in that way will the industry manufacture, so that for manufacturers, for our manufacturers are getting better and better, we have done ignition coil filling, understand its glue filling technology standards, our new technical intelligence can also be for its glue dispensing process. Manufacturing machines that meet the requirements is the same as we make automatic dispensing machines for broadcast modules.

Machine capable of producing non-standard type

The advertisement module glue filling machine is the double liquid glue filling machine which we develop according to the advertisement mold processing stipulation. The super large platform is selected as the control glue assembly system, which can enhance the glue dispensing effect of the product, and then according to the manufacturing function of the product. The selected glue dispensing parts will have good, the super large platform can place the large size product, but also can put some more products, can enhance the glue dispensing effect faster, we for the ignition coil filling double liquid glue filling machine is to choose this kind of process production. Let it meet the supply and demand of production. Our company rubber machine manufacturer, is has the relative ignition coil filling technology, whether it is the double liquid glue filling technology, or the manufacture glue filling machine field, has mastered this kind of key core technology, the non-standard kind glue filling machine manufacture also enhances the demand. For example: advertising module glue filling machine, stabilizer glue filling machine and other types of machines, can carry out independent research and development and manufacturing.

Post time: May-31-2019