Effect of glue on product packaging UV glue dispensing machine

The selection of glue has a great influence on the packaging quality of dispensing products, and the individual difference of packaging glue also has a particularly important influence on the selection of automatic dispensing machine equipment. The equipment of automatic dispensing machine itself is the equipment that adjusts the amount of glue exhaled and the amount of glue produced for a long time, so that when the automatic dispensing machine is used, the glue solution which affects the quality of dispensing glue should be solved. Then how to use and category of glue to package equipment through the choice of rubber machine manufacturers should pay more attention to.

According to the difference of glue type, the types of packaging equipment include UV glue dispensing machine, AB gluing machine, sealing gluing machine, black gluing machine, epoxy gluing machine, damping oil dispensing machine, COB black gluing machine, 502gluing machine, Grease dispensing machine, bonding glue dispensing machine, white glue dispensing machine, tin paste dispensing machine, silver glue dispensing machine, red glue dispensing machine, silica gel dispensing machine, etc. UV glue, AB glue, sealant glue, black glue, epoxy adhesive and so on are all ideal packaging glue used in automatic dispensing machine. Its characteristics and functions are not the same. Taking UV glue as an example, the selection and use of dispensing packaging equipment is very important when we also use this glue to complete the packaging. This kind of colloid is more easily interfered by UV light and ultraviolet light, so in the selection of rubber tube, it is necessary to select some anti-ultraviolet, anti-UV light rubber tube. However, this is the case in the selection of rubber machine equipment, to a large extent, to avoid the adverse effects of glue characteristics on packaging quality and safety.

Post time: May-31-2019