Cost reduction! selection of pcb Gelling Machine

Integrated circuits are generally a necessary part of the interior of a variety of high-tech equipment. There are countless transistors and components inside the integrated circuit, and they can choose the PCB glue coating machine for packaging work. This is because the transistors are very weak. After packaging with PCB glue machine, we can finish sealing and dispensing work on integrated circuit.

PCB coating process

In the production process of the PCB board, the use of PCB glue machine is widespread, because the requirements of the ordinary mobile phone PCB board packaging components are very small, if the operation errors will lead to the phone can not be used normally, there are many transistor components on the PCB board of the mobile phone, and there are many transistor components on the PCB board of the mobile phone. These transistors need to rectify the circuit, in the process of rectification will heat affect the packaging quality of printed circuit boards, heating means the need for heat dissipation, then if the use of wrong glue packaging will be harmful to it.


High Precision PCB Gumming Machine helps Enterprises reduce cost and improve efficiency

The effect of selecting silica gel when operating glue coating machine to IC on PCB, the thermal conductivity of silica gel is very good, IC dispensing machine and PCB glue coating machine are all suitable for silica gel encapsulation, and encapsulation does not harm the normal use of PCB board. The size of a ic is generally 1* 2* 0.3cm, which detects the accuracy of the PCB gluing machine. When it is packaged, there is a demand for cooperation in the use of thimble valve and stainless steel dispensing needle. The feature of the jacking valve is that it has adjustable micrometer, micrometer to regulate the flow rate of glue, and there will be no errors in the flow area. After sealing, the PCB after sealing should be air-dried in time. Prevent the formation of other errors.


Protection skills of PCB Gumming Machine

after the packaging is finished, the PCB glue-coating machine is to be maintained, the whole PCB glue-coating machine is wiped by the wet tissue at the same time of the maintenance, each shaft is wiped once with the grease cloth, and the purpose of complete maintenance is achieved, And then a clean cloth cover is used to prevent the long-term storage of the dust accumulation and the application life of the long-term storage dust on the machine body, so that the effect of applying the adhesive on the integrated circuit is more prominent.

Post time: May-16-2019